Not Solved MyBB 1.8 default theme color changes
Not Solved
In MyBB 1.6.x I basically go into global.css in Advance Mode in the theme I wanted to edit and change .trow1 and .trow2 to the color I wanted, the color would take effect  on the entire board.

But, in  MyBb 1.7.X (1.8), that is not the case...... (?)

Changing color  in .trow1 and .trow2 only affected the category INDEX,

I want  to change the color of  POSTS DISPLAY of the default theme in MyBB 1.8, to this:

[Image: AL8XTto.jpg]

Where would I need to add my #COLOR choice in the  template ? .
Also, where to change posts TEXT color to WHITE, or any other color. (?)

Maybe also the BLUE to DARK GREEN


*PS: Can someone provide a 1.7.x (1.8) CSS guide ?
Similar to this MyBB 1.4 CSS Guide .
Not Solved
Look for these to change any of the post section

Also if you can't find where to edit the css for something just right click on your screen on that section and inspect element to find the class or id for it in global.css

.post.classic {

.post .post_author {

.post.classic .post_author {

.post .post_author .buddy_status {

.post .post_author div.author_avatar {

.post.classic .post_author div.author_avatar {

.post .post_author div.author_avatar img {

.post .post_author div.author_information {

.post.classic .post_author div.author_information {

.post .post_author div.author_statistics {

.post.classic .post_author div.author_statistics {

.post .post_head {

.post .post_head span.post_date {

.post .post_head span.edited_post {

.post .post_head span.edited_post a {

.post_body {

.post.classic .post_content {

.post_content {

.post_content .signature {

[Image: sig2.jpg]

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