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MyBB errors
Alright, during the summer I've been total inactive for 3 months, now I'm back on track and going to continue with my forum (that is quite dead, but will bring it to life).

Problem is that even though I've been using protection such as question where I had it specific for the topic the forum is about (which I guess mostly may be passed by humans), my forum has got like 5 new members that have spammed the forum like INSANE for one day, they have each around 1000 posts.

Now I was going to delete those users, but some error coming up when I try.

At first, when going to admin CP at my /admin/index.php , I'm getting an error, my layout is partal wrong as well, screenshot here:

When I go to other tabs like Configuration, the layout and everything is fine.

However, the error problems comes back when I now try delete the bots/users that got thousands of posts!
I go to users, checkmark one of the users I wanna delete, then I click delete user on the dropbox menu, pressing on Go, then next stage I press on Yes to delete it. 

But then I get this error:

MyBB has experienced an internal SQL error and cannot continue.
SQL Error:144 - Table './[email protected]/mybb_posts' is marked as crashed and last (automatic?) repair failedQuery:UPDATE mybb_posts SET uid='0' WHERE uid='14'

Do anybody know how I can fix this? I really don't wanna have to reinstall the whole MyBB forum, after all I've the layout/theme and modifications that I want, I got the plugins and I wanna keep the original users that already are registered and wanna keep the current posts.
I simply just want away those bots for good and fix these errors I get so I can continue.

Thanks in advance!
Open up PHPMyAdmin then navigate to that table. Under operations there should be an option called Repair Table.
Well, I went on PHPMyadmin, but it's all in Swedish (my normal language), I tried rightclick (at chrome browser I use) and choose translate Swedish to English, but somehow it doesn't work.

Here is screenshot anyway:
I can't find any text about repair (reparera in Swedish).

The two sections there at bottom that isn't on screenshot is just option to Flush (flush) the table, and to clean (TRUNCATE) and to delete it (DROP).

I FOUND! I went to the database name and checked the table instead, then went down to dropbox and chosed repair, now though it's loading very slow, I will see what happen soon hopefully.

[EDIT #2]
Well.. now wonder it crashed quite hard. The bots have made 78k posts and 10k threads, holy gosh!!! Would be good to put some kind of limit for total posts and threads, some kind of archive filter plus some kind of spam filter that doesn't let users to spam that much.

[EDIT #3]
Ok, now I got it repaied! THANKS!! Smile
Lesson learned is that never again make an open forum.. I currently deleting the guest forum, I didn't think it through that it could get heavy spammed, thought it would be nice with a open forum for people who don't wanna register, like a guestbook of some sort.
But I realize all those thousands of posts are in this guest forum, which I right now is deleting (it's loading slow, can understand that).

Problem solved I guess Smile atleast the mybb_posts error part.

[EDIT #4]
Last edit before I go sleep..

I still have problem.
The problem is that I deleted the forum via forum management, it loaded and I got some error that said about connection timeout or something.
I went back to forum managment and the guest forum is still there.
I go on to my forum and I see guest forum is gone from the list, however I still can access it by the link (due I know the ID is 12).

And all posts and threads says to be left in the counter at the bottom of my forum. I guess I need rebuild some cache? no idea which though, can't find cache for posts.
Also the cache about the forum in the "forum management", inside Admin CP, I want that to be gone, as well as the link so it doesn't work to visit the guest forum at all.

[EDIT #5]
Oh, I waited some more minutes and now the forum disappeared from forum management. Also I found the rebuild cache at
So now it says correctly on posts and threads
If your forum is still slow, try optimizing the posts and threads table. Tables that get many inserts, updates, and deletes can gain overhead. You can optimize the table in the ACP->Tools&Maintenance->Optimize database.

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