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Not Solved Registring problem
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Hi, this is a new installation (4 days ago) in a school, initially for staff. At first it seemed to work well and about six people have registered. But from today any new registration attempts have been met with the following message:

We cannot process your registration because there has already been 2 new registration(s) from your ip address in the past 24 hours. Please try again later.

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated!!


PS my forum is at

Oh, I found how to turn the ip test of in settings, but not sure how it was appearing for ALL users on different machines with in our LAN.
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though LAN users are on different machines they can have single public ip address, hence the referred issue.
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(2014-08-27, 03:00 AM).m. Wrote: though LAN users are on different machines they can have single public ip address, hence the referred issue.

Thanks for the quick reply. However these users are on LAN, and so is the weserver. I did consider if it was a dhcp related issue, with new users picking up recycled ips, but it seemed to be too consistent an issue.

Anyway no problem I have taken the test out and all is working. But I would still like to undestand the cause, in case I decide I need to put thetest back in someday.

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i like to repeat what .m. has said about the LAN and ip addresses...

this happens due to the settings in the ACP >> Configuration >> User Registration and Profile Options

Time Between Registrations - set to 24 hrs by default
Maximum Registrations Per IP Address - set to 2 by default

so you can't have more than 2 registrations from same ip in a span of 24 hrs... you can increase the time and the max. registrations if you wish...
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Thanks mmadhankumar, but I am still not clear why this seeting triggered for all potential users attemptiong to register from there various machines with different ips.

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I am able to register in your forum. Means there is no any problem with mybb settings. Kindly mark this thread as solved if the issue has been solved.

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