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Profile Privacy
Quote:Unlike FB, MyBB Profiles don't really have any information which you would consider "sensitive".

I disagree. And maybe if the profiles had permissions (private, buddy, all) then it might get used in better ways.

I am all for this as a feature.
(08-27-2014, 03:24 PM)Vanz Wrote: Allow users to decide what field/info from their profile is visible to whom.

Viewable by ALL ( guests  and members )
Viewable by MEMBERS ONLY
Viewable by FRIENDS ONLY
Viewable by NO ONE ( except self / self+admins only )

Yes, this is very important and therefore it must be included in the core! Users should have the right to their privacy.
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Accept this or Reject this.
Completly agree with this, currently need to code this for a project with 1.8, but this realy should be a core feature.
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Your feature suggestion has been accepted as a planned feature to be implemented in MyBB 2.0. Thanks for your contribution!

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