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Not Solved two diffferent discussion boards in two pages
Not Solved
ok me again. I searched for something similar on this forum but couldn't find anything on it so I'm starting a new thread. 

I'm running a forum on mybb and it goes very smooth, membership increasing and overall activity. 

since the scientific area that this forum is about is very specific and it concerns two large, separate units I would like to have two discussion boards at the same time on the same domain, but in two different pages. 

that means that I would have Home, Memberlist, Unit 1, Unit 2, Help on top of the website. Both forums on Unit 1 and Unit 2 are connected in a way, so all members and all settings should apply on both of the pages and members can go to unit 1, post something there and then go back to unit 2 and post there while being logged in as usual. 

Can it be done? If yes, how? 

Thank you very much!
Not Solved
simple method is to use tabs to separate categories (and forums) on the index page.
see MyTabs plugin , tabbed forum with jQuery guidance & another tab forum guidance

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