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Not Solved [General] Question about the who's online list sometimes not showing all info
Not Solved
Every now and then I will look at the Who's Online list and I will see something like this, where a user will be shown as reading a thread but it WON'T show which thread:

Username   03:14 AM  Reading Thread

I'm wondering how this can be?  I have all Admin rights and can view every thread on my boards, so how is it that in some rare instances the Who's Online page won't show me which thread a user is viewing?  Is this a known bug with MyBB?  How can I determine what thread that user is viewing when it fails to load the thread title/link?
Not Solved
I also noticed another similar error.

Usually when a user is posting a new thread somewhere, it will tell me they are "posting new thread in discussion" or whatever section they were in when they clicked to make a new thread.

BUT... sometimes it will just say they are "posting new thread" - but it won't actually say what section.

Is this caused by the same error? And how do we address this? What is making it so the system on rare occasions just doesn't know what a user is reading OR where a user is posting?
Not Solved
I know this happens sometimes too, but I'm not 100% sure on why. If you want to try and find out, look in inc/functions_online.php.

Edit: After looking through briefly, it seems like if it doesn't properly cache the tid of the thread it will say Reading Thread. Likewise, if it doesn't properly cache the fid, it will just say Posting New Thread.
Not Solved
Hmmm, I see... Any idea what the fix would be? It seems like it must happen a lot if the rare times I look at the who's online page, I see it happen once out of every half a dozen to a dozen times. Off the top of my head I'd guess an average of around 10 to 20% of the time that a thread should be listed, it's not listed.

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