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[For 1.8] Fast Search
did you download the latest? i thought he said it was updated?
I'm unsure how you are getting that error. I can't reproduce it on my forum.
(2015-02-21, 02:20 PM)expat Wrote: did you download the latest? i thought he said it was updated?

Updated the 17th february, build #4 (version installed), same date of the author's last post.
And last version of MyBB: 1.8.4.

I use default theme and french language. Tested on dev install (localhost).
I use also View Unread Post plugin (latest build)... the cause of the bug?

Thank you.
I am pleased to announce version 3.0 of Fast Search.

Brief changes:
- Should always add the field 'moved' to the mybb_threads table unless it already exists.
- Implements a 15 minute result cache for the same keywords to avoid querying against the mybb_posts and mybb_threads tables. It isn't unique to each user also since forum permissions are enforced when actually viewing the results.

As always, I enjoy hearing forum stats and effect on performance.
Hi. Want to ask, why i get this error when try to visit search2.php

[Image: 335353.png]
Because you are not suppose to directly access search2.php. It uses the file automatically when you search.
I have done an update to the plugin on Github. If I could get some feedback from it and if it is working as expected, I'll update the build here.
MyBB has experienced an internal SQL error and cannot continue.
I have this error, need manually update table?

SQL Error:
1054 - Unknown column 't.moved' in 'where clause'
SELECT, t.tid FROM mybb_posts p LEFT JOIN mybb_threads t ON(p.tid=t.tid) WHERE p.visible >= 0 AND t.visible >= 0 AND t.moved = 0 AND IN(462,1336,1337,3408,3715,5609,8370,20930,5,494,498,1661,5768,5769,58,329,375,1667,1745,59,502,398,1740,64,5133,213,231,272,4842,10980,13316,13851,13317,15464,381,383,3705,2998,462,4829,557,4982,10855,1037,9864,1336,1656,1337,3146,3260,11793,2947,12438,12436,2261,2820,3314,2260,3193,3685,4109,4277,2822,2254,4280,2064,2273,2339,3138,2574,2609,3053,3956,3969,3984,4053,3135,2584,2720,2741,2832,2843,2852,2862,2925,2861,2863,2858,2854,2877,3195,3360,3359,3199,3408,10559,6164,13224,13769,3686,3690,3715,11942,5114,7289,5130,5163,5351,5514,5592,5892,5934,6560,6832,5125,5127,5605,5591,5887,5910,4052,4061,4054,4376,5118,5925,4856,6020,4701,4894,7086,7053,5097,6998,7190,7256,8372,7281,6475,7199,8255,5135,5983,6324,9016,9026,9022,9025,5718,5600,5711,5969,5966,5717,5609,10689,7303,6415,6598,6603,6612,6697,6731,6758,8275,9700,6589,8274,8305,6599,6733,8211,6608,8965,6604,6732,6712,6802,10509,8144,8369,10292,10388,10391,10760,10998,11000,8370,11037,11035,8843,9175,9341,9863,8973,9009,9010,9037,9105,13401,10631,13500,10530,10092,10597,10261,10293,15283,15304,15327,16994,17012,18507,19239,20578,20952,14078,14101,14381,10650,20949,14106,14379,17072,17316,20918,19229,14079,14102,14969,15467,15526,18407,18500,17011,18410,17448,15825,15303,15282,15326,16986,17014,17063,18473,19689,14176,14193,11455,20591,11843,12971,12978,19462,12931,13361,15896,15610,13639,13850,14443,14453,16854,14437,14458,14460,19713,17564,13733,13745,13776,13810,13812,14034,20950,14164,14308,15216,15599,15636,15826,15177,15537,15540,15683,15702,15685,15712,15714,15710,15715,17854,17852,18444,16292,16568,20930,17045,17258,17369,19810,17731,18387,19018,19154,19517,19032,19537,19037,19073,20319,20638,20650,19317,19332,19419,19991,20218,20651) ORDER BY p.dateline desc LIMIT 1000
Please contact the MyBB Group for technical support.
New installation or upgrade?
New installation...

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