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Not Solved [How To?] Remove Latest Posts That Appearing At Top Of Forum(Category) Display ?
Not Solved

It Also display on home (index) page !

Check at top of forum display

Or Chekout the screenshot that i attached !

Waiting !!!!!!

Thanks !!!!!!!

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Not Solved
what is the theme that you are using ? looks like the templates are modified!
those latest posts should be at the last column of the table (blank space visible there)
Not Solved
Yes it is modified Blackwater Theme

i think this types of things are not in default mybb,

so i didn't find any releted issue......

can i get help releted to this,

i just want to remove it,


nd Posts And Last Posts Column showing blank,

i think it has to be at posts nd last posts position instead of top

After A Long Time Finally I Find The Bug, I Own Fixed It....

Thanks 2 Mybb......

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