Not Solved How to have clickable image with TITLE argument
Not Solved

MyBB 1.6.15.
I use BBCode from the message editor to display clickable images like this :

[url=http://somesite/carteNI.jpg]   [img=800x450]http://somesite/carteNI800.jpg[/img]  [/url]

That generates an HTML statement with the ALT argument, but I did not found a way to have a TITLE argument, in order  to have a pop up "TITLE" when hovering over the displayed image.

I would like BBcode to generate something like this :
<A HREF="http://somesite/carteNI.jpg" TITLE="Click to see real size 1920x1080">
<img src="somesite/carteNI800.jpg" ></A>

Is it possible to do it by updating the standard BBcode for [img]  how and where?? or some other mean?

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