Portal 1.8
Hope someone can make a portal plugin for 1.8

Now I'm running ProPortal, and know that the author have stopped for a long time ago, so that will not fit 1.8

A nice portal, where we can have some info at the middle ect fid 1, and with some optional side bars, ect User cp, Members online today, and so on.

Also with the option to fetch images from that fid number to show at the portal.
Changing the provided portal template to fit my needs without using any plugin has worked pretty well so far. Maybe try the same?
i hope someone makes one soon im gutted that pro portal wont work as thats what i used now my forum homepage looks crap i really wish i never upgraded, i may even convert to another software then back to mybb 1.6 as it seems its the only way to downgrade
please someone release a script to downgrade from 1.8 to 1.6 

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