Not Solved Profile Fields Auto Activated
Not Solved

I've set up a profile field to only show to members when post count > 10. 

However, when the user reachest post count of 6, the profile field automatically activate itself. 

Template Condition in Postbit:

Quote: <if $post['fid5'] then>              
 <span class="animal-type {$post['fid5']}" title="{$post['fid5']}"></span><br />
 <else /></if>

I used CSS to display the image as backgroud. 

Can anybody replicate this in their local server?
Not Solved
Your conditional doesn't consider the required numbers. You have to compare user's post count and profile field's minimal post count. I thought MyBB 1.8 would be able to deal with it but it's bugged too..:

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