Not Solved Error after upgrading to 1.8 from 1.6
Not Solved
today I have upgraded my forum via FTP. After up-gradation, my forum looks broken. 
It shows the following texts in header: 

The following warnings occurred:
Warning [2] Invalid argument supplied for foreach() - Line: 331 - File: global.php PHP 5.3.28 (Linux)


And I Can't log in to admin CP, it shows 

"MyBB has experienced an internal SQL error and cannot continue.

SQL Error:1054 - Unknown column 'useragent' in 'field list'Query:INSERT INTO mybb_adminsessions (sid,uid,loginkey,ip,dateline,lastactive,data,useragent) VALUES ('921d4ab6682dc4095e0575a493c4b452','1','tl3pxt4xuyje9awxocapmyptjrlvyq7mexep6zpel8kkid8k8y',X'670492ee','1410019922','1410019922','a:0:{}','Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/36.0.1985.143 Safari/537.')"

How can I solve this?

Thanks in advance. Smile 
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Not Solved
Maybe, I have an tip.
TIP 1:

Download MyBB 1.8.0 Again, and upload it again to your website.
Delete the LOCK file, in Install. Upgrade, if this is not ready done yet.
Know, upgrade. And install the PIN Code.

TIP 2:

Goto INC/ and search config.php.
Look, there that you have no errors or failures.
(If you have nu PHP knowement, this is the code.)
* Database configuration
* Please see the MyBB Docs for advanced
* database configuration for larger installations

$config['database']['type'] = 'mysql';
$config['database']['database'] = 'PUT HERE YOU'RE DATABASENAME';
$config['database']['table_prefix'] = 'mybb_';

$config['database']['hostname'] = 'PUT HERE YOU'RE HOST';
$config['database']['username'] = 'PUT YOU'RE USERNAME HERE';
$config['database']['password'] = 'PUT YOU'RE PASS HERE';

* Admin CP directory
*  For security reasons, it is recommended you
*  rename your Admin CP directory. You then need
*  to adjust the value below to point to the
*  new directory.

$config['admin_dir'] = 'admin';

* Hide all Admin CP links
*  If you wish to hide all Admin CP links
*  on the front end of the board after
*  renaming your Admin CP directory, set this
*  to 1.

$config['hide_admin_links'] = 0;

* Data-cache configuration
*  The data cache is a temporary cache
*  of the most commonly accessed data in MyBB.
*  By default, the database is used to store this data.
*  If you wish to use the file system (cache/ directory), MemCache, xcache, or eAccelerator
*  you can change the value below to 'files', 'memcache', 'xcache' or 'eaccelerator' from 'db'.

$config['cache_store'] = 'db';

* Memcache configuration
*  If you are using memcache as your data-cache,
*  you need to configure the hostname and port
*  of your memcache server below.
* If not using memcache, ignore this section.

$config['memcache']['host'] = 'localhost';
$config['memcache']['port'] = 11211;

* Super Administrators
*  A comma separated list of user IDs who cannot
*  be edited, deleted or banned in the Admin CP.
*  The administrator permissions for these users
*  cannot be altered either.

$config['super_admins'] = '1';

* Database Encoding
*  If you wish to set an encoding for MyBB uncomment
*  the line below (if it isn't already) and change
*  the current value to the mysql charset:

$config['database']['encoding'] = 'utf8';

* Automatic Log Pruning
*  The MyBB task system can automatically prune
*  various log files created by MyBB.
*  To enable this functionality for the logs below, set the
*  the number of days before each log should be pruned.
*  If you set the value to 0, the logs will not be pruned.

$config['log_pruning'] = array(
'admin_logs' => 365, // Administrator logs
'mod_logs' => 365, // Moderator logs
'task_logs' => 30, // Scheduled task logs
'mail_logs' => 180, // Mail error logs
'user_mail_logs' => 180, // User mail logs
'promotion_logs' => 180 // Promotion logs

$config['pluginuploader_ftp_key'] = 'CHOOSE A PLUGIN UPLOAD CODE';

* Admin CP Secret PIN
*  If you wish to request a PIN
*  when someone tries to login
*  on your Admin CP, enter it below.

$config['secret_pin'] = 'CHOOSE A PINCODE';
Regards, Quinten.
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