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Not Solved [How To?] Show at top of index, 6 newest threads from a specific category?
Not Solved
I know about the recent threads on the index page plugin, and it's great for showing all the recent posts from all the forums, but is there a way to put a section at the top of my index that shows the 6 (or any number) most recent threads that got posted in a specific category?  My site has a category that contains 3 forums within it that are very important, and I'd like new threads from any of those forums to be highlighted even more prominently.

Is there a known plugin that does this?  I was unable to find one myself.

If there's no plugin, can somebody share what coding I would need to edit in order to create a table like this at the top of my index?  I don't mind editing files and/or templates by hand, but I don't know how to call those specific forums from the database myself.
Not Solved
I'm not sure if maybe I should have asked this in 1.8 support?

I'm just looking to have a small section at the top of my forum that displays the most recent threads from a couple of forums that I choose. How can I do that?
Not Solved
are you using MyBB version 1.6 or version 1.8 ?
Not Solved
Looks like I got it figured out myself after some testing with how the recent posts index plugin pulled information. Thanks for the help anyway guys. Smile

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