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Not Solved I need Help with a few things please!
Not Solved
Hi all, my knowledge is very short so I was hoping you could help me with a few things I'd like to do?

1) How can I change the order of the groupimage, userstars and avatar on postbit? by default it comes like this: user title, user stars, group image and user avatar, and I'd like to have it show userstars and groupimage under useravatar, like this: usertitle, useravatar, groupimage, userstars, but I dont know how to do it, I was able to change it by just change positions on profile but on postbit I tried but it didnt change anything, maybe I'm doing something wrong or wrong template?

2) I have installed ProfileComments plugin but on the drop-down menu thingy where you choose font, font list is all messy like pic shows and size drop-down menu is the same, any way to fix this?

[Image: DJs1cHp.png]

3) There are some plugins that have no translation on my language, is there some way to change some texts? Example: ProfileComments button says ''Add Comment'' Can I change the text editing something?, also is there a way to add a delete comment option?

4) I have installed Achievements plugin, by Edson Ordaz I think, but after conditions to get the achievement have been met, achievements doesnt show on postbit or profile, is there a way to fix this or is there better plugin for achievements?

5) I put tabs on my profile (without plugin) but I was wondering if I can have a table inside my tabs so the info inside tabs can look a little better?

6) Where can I change the size of the space where the on, off, offlock icons appear?

7) I added custom profile fields like; Gender, Country, and some others but is there a way to put image/icons to it so it looks better instead of text? like maybe a custom flag image I make to Country? and is there a way to make them show on postbit?

8) I wanted to have a way to personalize profile colors, but the only plugin I found was Profile Design, but it didnt work, and I keep reading people saying that plugin gives a lot of errors? so, is there a better one or a way to do it without plugin? so that users can personalize their profile colors any way they want?

If anyone be so gentle to help me out with this, I will appreciate a bunch!
Thanks in advance! <3

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