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I am having an issue where file permissions are changed outside of the 1.8 directory. When using 1.8 file permissions get changed on folders outside of the 1.8 directory effecting not only my 1.6 directory but other directories like my slideshow. The permissions changes are execution related.

I have installed and run 1.8 twice in it's own directory with it's own database and file permissions get changed each time I run it.

Is it not possible to run 1.8 and 1.6 in separate directories and databases?

- Rich -
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of course, you can run two versions of MyBB in two different folders with different databases.

however, I could not understand MyBB changing files permissions outside of the main folder.
MyBB does not do it!
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Quote:MyBB does not do it!
It is just odd that both times that I have run 1.8 file permissions get changed. Remove it and no more issues.

My host has been performing maintenance and perhaps this is the cause, perhaps it is a misconfiguration. At any rate I thought I would rule out two versions of Mybb as a possible cause by asking.

- Vid -

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