[Pushed] Problems with User Views in ACP
A couple of issues with Views in Users and Groups -> Users in the ACP:

1) Registration and Last Known IPs are blank or showing nonsense.

2) Created views are not appearing in Views -> Manage Views
-Edited to add - I think it's something to do with the 'visibility' field in the adminviews table.
(2014-09-10, 03:37 PM)moz1966 Wrote: 1) Registration and Last Known IPs are blank or showing nonsense.
I can confirm that - but only for new Users.
What do you mean showing nonsense? As in, wrong date or what?
Looks like garbage eg: C��K
Do you use Cloudflare or anything? I'm not sure why it is like that.

Is it for all users or newly created ones?
That's a problem with character encoding. Since it's just with new users (I assume newly created users, created after the upgrade), it points to a character encoding bug in 1.8.
For #2: https://github.com/mybb/mybb/issues/1412
More info:

1) I'm getting it for both new and existing users. And, yes, by 'nonsense' I mean something like 'Ql�g'

2) I've just checked and newly created or edited post upgrade views are not appearing in manage views. Pretty sure it is due to the 'visibility' field being set to 0, as manually setting it to 2 in the database makes it show again.

And I am not using Cloudflare.
Both issues were solved, so marking this as Pushed.

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