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BAM Announcements Manager (Updated - Version 2.0)
2/27/2020: Updated to 2.0!

I am very pleased to announce that after weeks of hard work, I have released the first updated version of BAM since its initial release. I have worked very hard to bring all of the features that have been requested in the new release. That being said, I could not implement everything, and I am not a perfect programmer. This is a fairly major update, so if there are any issues that anyone comes across, I will very promptly release a new update to fix them!

I've also included a new compatibility mode to try to help resolve some issues that people have had with the first version of the plugin. It has been built to be compatible with the latest versions of PHP, MySQL, and MyBB. Additionally, any plugin conflicts that may have caused issues with users posting on your forum should be resolved with compatibilty mode. Check the documentation for more details!

Many thanks to @Eldenroot, @Sawedoff, and @VintageDaddyo (and many others) for the suggestions, feedback, testing, and contributions! BAM 2.0 would not be possible without you guys! Smile

(Major Update) Features Included in BAM 2:

New Features:
  • Dismissable Announcements (on a per-announcement basis!)
  • Display on specific forums/boards
  • Display on specific pages (paste links to specific pages! Very powerful feature that I worked very hard to bring to 2.0)
  • New color styles and settings
  • Global announcements are now per-announcement
  • Random mode is redesigned (automatically refresh announcements on each page load)
  • New ability to display announcements only on specific themes, languages, etc.
  • HTML is now supported with an optional setting. (Javascript is still disabled. However, you can now define a
  • custom template for an announcement, which can contain javascript if needed.)
  • New variables for announcements
  • New soft delete/deactivate feature on a per-announcement basis.
  • Updated to be fully compatible with the latest versions of MySQL, PHP, and MyBB
  • New Jquery slidedown/fadeout effects, settings, and many polishes

BAM 2.0 is built upon the BAM 1 foundation, and implements many of the features that have been requested by the community. It is now possible to set announcements as dismissible (on a per-announcement basis), and there is now much more control on which pages announcements can be displayed on. Many aspects of the plugin have been heavily improved or reworked. If you’ve used BAM 1 in the past, I strongly recommend upgrading, as the new version is significantly more powerful than the original!


Method 1: Reinstall

- Uninstall your old installation of BAM from ACP -> Plugins. Upload the new files for BAM 2.0, and install as normal.
- If you don’t have many announcements, this is the recommended way to perform an upgrade. 

Method 2: Use the in-place upgrader.

BAM 2.0 comes with a full one click upgrader that can make all necessary changes and migrations without removing your announcements. This upgrader works 100% in-place, meaning it runs while the plugin is fully installed and activated, and there will be no interruptions in the announcements displayed on your forum.

  - 1) IMPORTANT: Leave BAM activated! It is specifically designed as an in-place upgrader, and cannot load its own upgrade script otherwise!
  - 2) Download BAM 2.0, and upload the contents of the Upload directory to your forum. Overwrite any files if prompted.
  - 3) Visit the ACP -> plugins page. Below BAM, there will be a link to run the in-place upgrader. Click this link to launch it. You will be redirected, and BAM 2.0 will now be ready to use in your ACP.

This runs with zero interruptions on your forum. BAM 2.0 is packaged with legacy compatibility code, which allows it to continue to display the announcements on your forum, even if the upgrade script has not been run yet. As a result, this will run seamlessly, and is designed specifically to run the upgrade while BAM remains activated. (I've tested this to no end. It works as intended Smile )

If you've used the beta releases: Quite a bit has changed since the first beta. If you installed the beta since 2/24, you can simply overwrite the old files with the new ones. If you've installed an older beta, you must re-install the plugin to get the full changes from the new version.

Translations: Multiple communites have made custom translations of BAM 1 for additional languages. If you would like to do so for BAM 2, you have my express permission to translate BAM, and to release the full translated version (bundled with the mod) on the appropriate MyBB community for your language. If you do so, my only request is that you also post the translation file itself on the mod site that is posted here, and that you make sure to give credit back to the original plugin. Outside of that, I will say, thank you to those who translated BAM 1.0 and helped make it more accessible!

Click here for the official github repository. Please report any bugs or provide any suggestions either through the repository or in this thread! Smile
Quote:in-place upgrader
^ it is a nice facility - which is implemented with a few plugins !
(2020-02-27, 05:47 AM).m. Wrote:
Quote:in-place upgrader
^ it is a nice facility - which is implemented with a few plugins !

Thank you! Means a lot. Smile

I worked so hard to make it happen. For an announcements plugin (something that generally is supposed to be simple), I didn't feel like upgrading should have to be a long, drawn out process. Toungue
after Dismissable the announcements, the announcements cannot reactive
(2020-02-27, 08:05 AM)amphetamine Wrote: after Dismissable the announcements, the announcements cannot reactive

This is intended behavior, more or less. When an announcement is dismissed by a user, by default, it won't show again until the cookie expires (after 30 days by default, but this can be configured in the settings).

Deactivating the announcement prevents it from being displayed at all. However, users who have dismissed the announcement still won't see it, even if you deactivate and reactivate the announcement again.

You can change announcement dismissal settings in BAM's settings. We use BAM in "close only" mode at my forum, as we don't neessarily need dismissals so much, but they are useful for many forums (and as such, it's enabled by default). you can also reset ALL dismissals by putting ANY random number into BAM's "cookie prefix" setting (it does not matter what number you use, so long as it is different than the one you used before). To reset any one single announcement, you will have to re-create the announcement at this time.

Hope I was able to clear up some confusion on its functionality. It's the first time BAM has ever had this feature, so it took some tweaking to try to get everything working the way that it does. Smile

the problems I had when I use your Version 2.0 plugin are:

If I use:
[b]Some Text[/b]

The MyCode it's not parsed in the announcement and it shows as above (it parses in the Admin CP in the announcement list)

If I choose to allow html (in settings) and try to change it to:
<b>Some Text</b>

The announcement shows:
[Image: 895466151.png]

Chars are replaced with HTML character codes

Could add screenshots if you want, but later, now I can't.
I don't answer questions about localhost forums or forums without URL, I'm not a seer.  Cool
Hmm, that’s an odd one. I’ve used MyCode extensively on my board and have never seen this issue. I’ll look into this.

The HTML codes will turn into characters as you’ve shown above unless the “Enable HTML” setting is on (in BAM’s general plugin settings). Does this issue persist with other MyCodes as well?
Ok, now that I had time to test it, I'll show you how you can reproduce the error.

1) MyCode error:


MyCode Announcement without URL:     

MyCode Announcement with URL:    

2) HTML error:


HTML Announcement without URL:     

HTML Announcement with URL:     

As you could see, if you insert an URL in the "Announcement URL (Optional)" field, errors show up.
I don't answer questions about localhost forums or forums without URL, I'm not a seer.  Cool
Ahhh, I see. Yea it parses the URLs manually. That’s a remnant from a very old BAM 1 feature that had actually been removed from BAM 2 during earlier development, but I ended up reversing that and adding it back in.

I’ll look at this for 2.1. In the meantime, that field isn’t really compatible with other mycodes, so you can use MyCode and links together just by using this anywhere in the announcement:

[url=link] link test [/url]

Thank you for the report, I’ll look at fixing this in the future. Smile
(2014-12-21, 08:39 PM)QentiC Wrote: With this plugin activated on 1.8.3, registered users are not able to post on threads, but are able to make new threads. They get "There was an error posting your reply: The specified post does not exist." error message when trying to submit a reply.

Hello I have the same problem that registered members and moderators can't reply when an announcement is active. But creating threads works.

Administrator and S-Moderator can still reply. I am using version 2.0 with the previous version there were no problems.

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