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Not Solved [General] Problem with theme
Not Solved
So, I know the version of theme isn't 1.8 but I need help to fix these problems:

Theme is Jormungand
First of all

[Image: afecf17b2fa59435d51638b9d3da02f7.png]
The Avatar image is too big. I tried to change in ACP but I think it's a theme problem. How to fix?

[Image: 47d33ac3a62ff657f3a88725f8d6fc0b.png]

As you can in the first 2 threads there aren't time of last post. Why?

[Image: 865d0b5c63462bcc5061f6a0f15503bd.png]

The text go out. How to fix this problem?

And at the end, how to increase space without forum and user broswing?
[Image: b085adfaf47d469b9cebc231ea998d53.png]

EDIT: You can bring this discussion to 1.8 section.

Helpppp pls! Toungue
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