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I upgraded to MyBB 1.8 a bit ago and it went smooth. But the formatting of the forum is all centered and the User CP - Mod CP - Admin CP,  ect no longer has it's formatting.

I figure this requires a change to the CSS, but where would I find the code to change it? Or is there another way to fix it?


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you can try adding text-align: left; in the .smalltext css.
I am not sure if this works so please backup before editing.
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Apparently it only happens if I throw a <div align="center"> inside of the header and footer template. Is there any other way I could go about adding ads to the forum?
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The easiest thing to do in this situation (if you don't have a custom theme installed) would just be to create a new default theme and set it. The error occurs because MyBB 1.8 tried to revert the CSS and templates of the theme you're using (which looks like the default 1.6 theme) to match 1.8 - which doesn't really work out.

Go in to Admin CP -> Templates & Style -> Create New Theme and call it "Default". Click next, and then in the list of themes, make sure you make the "Default" theme the new default theme. This will change the look of your forum to the default of 1.8 and fix any weird styling errors. Smile
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You better change the theme Wink

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