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[For 1.8] FASTyle 2.3
All default theme's templates have a name (and with the new semantic structure, it's easier to pick them up). I have never had a report about missing names, if so, I need a test admin account to check. As for the scrollbar, which OS are you using? Care to elaborate a bit more?
[Image: fSGNVQj.png]
Win 10, 2004, 64bit, Edge chromium (latest dev).

About missing names - I have already discussed with you on Discord 1-2 years back.
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I can't remember for sure a Discord discussion from 2 years ago. If you please hand me a temp admin account I'll see which templates are faulty and why.
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When NewPoints (2.1.2) plugin is installed this plugin does not work.
Works fine for me. What does not work exactly?
[Image: fSGNVQj.png]
It works now, seems like no problem. There was a problem with the language files of the Newpoints plugin.
Your plugin works fine my fault.
Hello. First of all, thank you for this great usable plugin. On mybb 1.8.24, stylesheet settings not save.

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hi , new release 2.3  have some problems while 2.2 is working great

1: it is not showing faststyle tab , but if we select any template then it show template in faststyle
2 : some templetes are not showing , like if i seach welcome for welcome_back template it shows only guest welcome_back_block rest is not showing

[Image: V0uMOI5.png]

These are two new features of FASTyle.

The first one is that now FASTyle integrates within the Themes and Templates modules, so it's not separate, but runs directly into MyBB's default modules. It's easier and more intuitive.

The second one is semantic ordering of templates. It shortens and automatically indents templates belonging to a certain area, allowing you to visualize better your templates structure. There are minor bugs still around which I need to sort out, but it's definitely understandable and in my tests it's far quicker to pick up templates and subtemplates (eg.: header_welcomeblock_member > header_welcomeblock_member_admin are displayed as header > welcomeblock_member > admin).
[Image: fSGNVQj.png]
Hi, now that the FASTyle module is loaded inline with the theme properties page, it seems it is no longer possible to save or update the theme properties as clicking the "Save Theme Properties" button activates the FASTyle quick save feature which ultimately ignores the core form fields.

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