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2nd largest mybb forums

I just converted this from phpbb. It's pretty much the last of my phpbb sites that were converted. I redid the template of course myself.

It's as far as know the 2nd largest mybb forums in terms of posts. It's the largest 1.2x forums too since MSN messenger site is using an old version that they patch themselves.

Thanks again for reading and comments are welcome.
Nice Labrocca Smile
Wow, 438 posts per day!

Great forum! Big Grin
It actually doesn't have that activity anymore because I opened (not Mybb). However at one point pspf was getting 1000+ posts per day!

I am pretty sure that I can get this site back up to 100-200 posts per day pretty quick.
Nice logo, and I like the way you used the PS keys as the post icons.

1000 posts a day!? I can hardly get 10 a day.
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Yeah... I like your logo! Looks great. Thanks for sharing!
A 1,000 a day is one of my goals on ConvoWorld. Smile
Hey Labrocca, fancy meeting you here. Smile

Nice forum you got. I noticed you don't seem to be monetizing it, how
Oh that money making thing gets old after a while. Smile

There are inline google ads though in threads.

Also...I got bumped to 3rd as there is a new #1 site that was recently converted to mybb.

See ya around at NP. So are you gonna be a Mybb user? It's excellent and let me know if you need help. I am pretty goo when it comes to mods or skins.

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