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[For 1.8] Fast Quote

I just installed this on my forum (latest version), but it appears to not be working. The only other plugin I have installed is MyForumIcons (which I deactivated) and I'm using the generic theme.

I'm using Chrome and I tried this on different posts with different users, but nothing happens when I click on the button.

Any ideas?

EDIT: I'm an idiot. Had forgotten to add the fastQuote.js in its proper folder. My mistake, the plugin works wonderfully. Thanks!
with me its also not working whenever i clicking on Fast Quote button nothing was happend ....?
Nice plugin, but it constantly spams error like this:

Quote:Your copy of MyBB running on has

+experienced an error. Details of the error include:
Type: 2
File: inc/plugins/fastQuote.php (Line no. 139)
Illegal string offset 'message'

Content of line no. 139:
$this->posts[$post['pid']] = htmlspecialchars($post['message']);

Nevermind, I've fixed it myself. There was missing is_array check in if.
English is not my native language, so, sorry for any mistakes which I will do for sure.
Is it possible to add the functionality to quote thumbnails/images as well (just like the QuickQuote plugin)? Right now if you select a thumbnail and press "quote" nothing will appear between the quote tags.

OK, looks like there is no simple way. Currently I'm trying to combine both Quick and Fast Quote into one. Let's see what happens...
Looks like its working. Here's the modified fastQuote.js. Now you can quote links, styles, images, etc.

Attached Files
.js   fastQuote.js (Size: 10.35 KB / Downloads: 85)
Hm.. thanks, looks fine. I will add this to official release.
For the simplicity reasons I removed the proper smilies support from the QuickQuote variant, so the smilies get quoted as images, not as "smile codes".
Im having some trouble.

On the left there is just a plain simple button. I have no idea how I can edit this?
And its the only thing working.

The fast reply button on the right side, when clicking it, nothing happens. Also there is an * and I have no idea why its there?  Also having trouble adding margin to it so it blends in perfectly with the rest of the icons/text..


Please help.
Hm.. any link to your board?

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