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[For 1.8] Square theme
Hello Envy, Square theme not good work with MyAlerts. Can you help me? This problem on myalerts_headericon.
Does anyone know how to make the square theme mobile friendly?
(10-24-2019, 02:18 AM)SmarterChild Wrote: Does anyone know how to make the square theme mobile friendly?

You need to contact the theme author, eNvy for this assistance.

FYI, he has not been in for 7 months. (at this time of post)
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FML thanks for the heads up. I'm surprised no one else asked for this previously...
Top Topic! as they say, liked it at first sight!
Hi, there is problem with closed forum, that icon doesn't display. Don't know why, but there is only black dot icon.

SOLVED (thanks to koperfield):
There are mising .forum_offclose and .subforum_minioffclose in CSS file.

global.css file

Line 75:
.forum_offlock, .forum_offclose {

Line 99:
.subforum_miniofflock, .subforum_minioffclose {
Next problem with pagination2 in Square.css

There is fixed width 120px, which is problem, if you have more than 99 pages.

Fix: change 120px of pagination2 to 132px in css style file.
I can't seem to get the theme to recognize the logo I'm pointing to in the header. Is there a step I'm missing to get my own logo to show up instead of the default logo?

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