Not Solved Common SQL Queries post Merge
Not Solved
I'll keep this updated as often as new Queries are needed.
Please remember to change "mybb_" in these queries to whatever your prefix actually is.

All PMs are "Unread"
UPDATE `mybb_privatemessages` SET `readtime` = '1' WHERE `readtime` = 0 AND `folder` != 2;
UPDATE `mybb_privatemessages` SET `status` = '1' WHERE `status` = 0 AND `folder` != 2;

Replies Count is Off and/or Threads with 1 post are showing 1 reply instead of 0
UPDATE `mybb_threads` t SET firstpost=(SELECT MIN(pid) FROM `mybb_posts` p WHERE t.tid=p.tid) 

All Postcounts 0
UPDATE `mybb_forums` SET `usepostcounts` = '1';

PHP Error When Viewing Profiles
UPDATE `mybb_users` SET `birthday` = '' WHERE `birthday` LIKE '-%';

Members falsely show as visited post merge
UPDATE mybb_users SET lastvisit = UNIX_TIMESTAMP(NOW()) where lastvisit = '';
UPDATE mybb_users SET lastactive = UNIX_TIMESTAMP(NOW()) where lastactive = '';

Average statistics wrong
UPDATE mybb_users SET regdate = UNIX_TIMESTAMP(NOW()) where regdate = 0;

Cannot Send Mass Mail to all users post merge
UPDATE `mybb_users` SET `allownotices` = '1';

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