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Not Solved
So I just did the big ol' upgrade to 1.8 and... as expected... ran into a few issues. Nothing too major and I was able to fix most of them.

Currently I'm working on two problems though...

#1 is the whole alignment of the site is off... not a bit deal.

#2 is that all of the home pages images, save the logo, are broken. I did a little digging into the code and I've got an extra / for everything on that page. From the icons to the collapse button. I can't find where it came from and I can't make it go away.

   Some of my other images seem to be gone and replaced by text as well... like the Warn, Report, Edit, and Reply buttons. I can't see anything in the new code that says there should be an image there at all so I'll have to fix it.

   Oh, also, instead of looking for collapse.gif, as that's what's been in the folder for my images, it wants to find a collapse.png now. I can't convert all those if I need to, it's just a weird little change.

   Here's A Link to the site if anyone wants to take a peek and see what they can find.

  Thanks a lot!

Also, I've noticed that my text editor is missing now.
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