Not Solved Avatar Gallery for Avatars lost in Merge
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I had and existing SMF 2 forum converted to MyBB 1.8
Ran Merge and most things worked as expected, but I've lost almost all the avatars.

I found and installed StarPaul20's Avatar Gallery that seems to help me solve the problem but would like to be able to put the old SMF avatars into the gallery as a group rather than one at a time.

If I could find where AvatarGallery stashes the old avatars, I'd try to just move them from the SMF folder to the AvatarGallery folder ... does anyone have any idea where in the MyBB structure I can find the folder that contains them?
Will simply moving them make them available to my users?

Thanks //al
Not Solved
plugin uses ~/images/avatars folder. you can try adding avatar images to a sub-folder & check if they are available at the forum
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Like I said, I know I'm blind, I couldn't find them earlier and - - lo and behold - - there they were.

And to answer my second question, just dumping the old avatars into the (sub) directory makes them available to be chosen.

Very good, thanks you!!

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