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[For 1.8] Recent Threads On Index [Updated 02-09-21]
(2020-06-26, 03:31 AM).m. Wrote: "recentthreads" named subfolder should exist in plugins folder with below files
those files should exist before installing the plugin

You beat me to the punchline. I just edited my post. The information on the extensions page is not up to date, which is why I believe there is confusion about the plugin.


I would like to point out that I now have a duplicate settings link. I haven't touched the settings just yet so I don't know if anything is in conflict with each other, but I figured I would mention this.

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would it be possible to show the thread rating also in the recent thread list?

If not, maybe this would be an idea for next update?

Hope for some response. Smile

Best Regards
DISREGARD. i found the answer to my issue on a previous page.
I updated the installation instructions on the Extend Site and on Github because apparently there was some confusion. On the Github version I also added a few plugin hooks in case you were using any that involved forumdisplay.php. Not sure what else I want to add before I actually update the zip file here.
I was able to close out every issue on Github other than FontAwesome. The new version on Github just needs to be tested before I update it on the Extend section. You will need to either run the upgrade script or run the maintenance script after replacing the files if you don't want to do a full reinstall.

The maintenance script was a new addition that I had come up with. It will verify whether you have all the settings related to the plugin or not. If you are missing any, it will automatically add them. The maintenance script also checks for database changes in case you don't have any database fields somehow. Finally, the maintenance script verifies if the recentthread template group exists. If it doesn't, it builds the template group and all of the templates.

Please post if you test the version on Github and whether or not it is working.
Thank you, I will update later today and if anything I will let you know. Welcome back
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I have uploaded the new build onto the Extend section of MyBB. The current version is version 19. Running either the Upgrade script or Maintenance script is required because there are changes done.
For those wanting to test out version 20, you can go to the Version 20 branch on Github. I am not going to guarantee how stable it is. Version 20 has 3 new files. 1 is a json file for settings, 1 is a json file for templates, and 1 is a module in the Admin CP under Style & Templates. By using json files for settings and templates, the maintenance script automatically updates for future releases.

Version 20 Features:
- Setting for refresh rate. 0 to disable refresh.
- Ability to update all templates in all themes to the contents of templates.json.
- Templates file is checked to make sure it actually decodes properly and gives an error message if it doesn't. This way you don't accidentally wipe out all templates and have nothing in them.
- Ability to export Recent Thread templates of any theme you have. This file can then be uploaded to /inc/plugins/recentthreads directory and named templates.json to enable updating of all themes to those templates. At a future date, these files can also be shared in a repository for all plugin users.
- Admin Permission for the Recent Threads admin module.
- Some plugin hooks are available, although nothing in the Admin CP ( yet ).
Version 20 is now live in the Extend Section. You will need to run the upgrade script. You will also need to update templates via the Admin CP -> Style & Templates.
how to reorder it? When i enable it, it shows me in the bottom of forum. I want it to be in top of index

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