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[For 1.8] Recent Threads On Index [Updated 02-09-21]
It seems to be fixed! Thanks!

What about to add collapse button, any progress?
[MyBB 1.8 Czech translation] [MyBB 1.8 plugins]: Prune old PMs + optimize DB plugin --- Thank you/like system
(2015-02-02, 03:43 PM)Eldenroot Wrote: It seems to be fixed! Thanks!

What about to add collapse button, any progress?

Sorry, no progress there, but I will get the mods site updated later today with the fix.
How can i call the description field from another plugin that inserts into standard myBB tables?

btw, how much server load does these things use up?
I'm not sure which description you are referring to.

Server load is not that much unless you change the refresh rate by altering the recentthread_headerinclude template. It only adds one query.
well, i am not using AJAX anyways,

but the thread description plugin adds a thread description which is better as an abstract for the thread post
The only kind of description I can generate code for would be the first x characters in the first post of the thread. If that is what you would like replace the query with this:
SELECT t.*, u.username AS userusername, u.usergroup, u.displaygroup, u.avatar as threadavatar, u.avatardimensions as threaddimensions, lp.usergroup AS lastusergroup, lp.avatar as lastavatar, lp.avatardimensions as lastdimensions, lp.displaygroup as lastdisplaygroup, as forum, p.message
            FROM ".TABLE_PREFIX."threads t
LEFT JOIN " . TABLE_PREFIX . "posts p ON(p.tid=t.firstpost)
LEFT JOIN ".TABLE_PREFIX."forums f ON (t.fid=f.fid) 
            LEFT JOIN ".TABLE_PREFIX."users u ON (u.uid=t.uid)
            LEFT JOIN ".TABLE_PREFIX."users lp ON (t.lastposteruid=lp.uid)
            WHERE 1=1 $where AND t.visible > {$approved} {$unsearchableforumssql} {$ignoreforums}
            ORDER BY t.lastpost DESC
            LIMIT $threadlimit

You then should do this in the while loop:
$desclength = 70;
if(strlen($thread['message']) > $desclength)
$thread['message'] = my_substr($thread['message'], 0, $desclength) . " ...";

You then use {$thread['message']} in the recentthread_thread template where you want it displayed.
well thats good too thanks....

but a new database field is generated just like for thread title/name, just need to pull it out
I need to know the name of the table and the name of the field to be able to help. If its not the mybb_posts or mybb_threads table, I also need to know the structure of it which can be found by running this query in PHPMyAdmin
SHOW CREATE TABLE $tablenamehere;
how can i grab the description field from the threads table from your query? thanka

sorry it works from your query, thanks
I updated the Mods Site with the 8.0 build. If you used the code from Github after I had posted on January 31st, you have the latest version.

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