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[For 1.8] Recent Threads On Index [Updated 02-12-19]
Same issue with me. I installed the plugin and made sure the two variables are present at the Index but nothing shows. Is there anything I'm doing wrong?
Check my last comment.

Deactivate and uninstall the plugin from the plugin page.

Open the plugin file inside inc/plugins and search for:

foreach ($new_template as $title => $template)
 $my_template = array(
 'title' => $db->escape_string($title),
 'template' => $db->escape_string($template),
 'sid' => '$sid',
 'version' => '1800',
 'dateline' => TIME_NOW);
 $db->insert_query('templates', $my_template);


'sid' => '$sid',


'sid' => $sid,
This plug-in does not work "out-of-the-box".  It requires some coding skills and should state that in it's readme file.
The additional problem with making template code changes manually, is that those changes can get lost by mistake or during forum upgrades.

In my opinion, a plug-in should be fully automated without the need for manual coding.

Additionally, when a user performs plug-in Search for "side-bar" , the search results will not show your plug-in.  You might want to include the words "side-bar" if you want users to find this plug-in.

This is a nice plug-in for the more advanced user with some coding and organizational skills.
This user has been denied support. This user has been denied support.
Please I have done all process but it it did not work for my blog any help?? - mail me @ [email protected] I you can help
I use version 11.0, if I remember correctly I updated to 12 but after experiencing some issues I went back to 11.0, now one of my users noticed that collapse function is not working for recent threads. Is there any change after 11.0 that fixes this issue?

Edit: I checked with latest version 15.0 and collapse button not working there aswell.
Okay, I feel really dumb, but I can't find the template to edit how the latest posts appear. Where can I find it? I wan to edit the display layout.
[Image: Zcz1gZM.png]
Recent Thread Templates.
Please is it possible to pin recent thread to the top of the index, similar to pin thread at the show thread?
I updated to latest version recently, previously unread threads didnt have bold styling - now they do have. The thing is I noticed that some threads have 'read' styling even though I didn't read it and I can check it with simply going to forum that thread is in and in that forum that thread is written with bold characters - while in recent threads it's not in bold. Other users are experiencing this issue aswell.

Basically people see threads they didnt read as "already read" in recent threads for no reason.

Any idea whats causing this and is there any previous version of this plugin I can revert simply to fix this issue?
Question trying to figure this out for a while now..

I'm trying to make the seconds or minutes display like for example By Dead-i, 3s ago or...3m ago

How can i change the minutes to m and seconds to s?
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