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[For 1.8] Recent Threads On Index [Updated 02-09-21]
Sure. You may of course use it in the next contribution!
Hi, I'm running into a REALLY weird bug with this plugin. I found out that if a user changes the DST option in their profile, suddenly the Recent Posts disappears and there's absolutely no way for them to view it again other than me completely reinstalling the plugin again. It appears to be a consistent bug -- tried it with multiple accounts and it disappeared every time I changed DST option.

Any thoughts on what the cause of this might be? Thanks!
Hello dragonexpert. When I uploaded all the files, all the plugins settings in ACP disappeared. So no way to activate it. When I renamed the php file in inc/plugins to .text, the issue resolved but there was no way to activate the plugin.


Any help? Thanks.
Hello, would an adjustment to make a second recent thread table like {$recentthreadtable2} only showing the threads from a specific forum be difficult?
I am having an issue where quests can see recent threads, but when any user logs in the whole recent threads table/box disappears. The settings are setup correctly I believe to where the permission to usergroups who cannot view the recent threads table is set to none.
I chose to modify a little bit the recentthread_thread template in order to have a slimer display of threads, without OP, prefixes, icons and other details like redirect to first unread post after clicking the subject.
But right now I have two empty columns and I can't figure out how to remove it and align left the thread title . Can you help me please?

My template right now:
<td align="center" class="{$trow}{$thread_type_class}"</td>
			    <td class="{$trow}{$thread_type_class}"</td>
    <td class="{$trow}{$thread_type_class}"><span class="{$new_class}" id="tid_{$thread['tid']}"><a href="{$thread['newpostlink']}">{$thread['subject']}</a></span><br /></td>
    <td class="{$trow}{$thread_type_class}">{$recentthread_breadcrumbs}</td>
    <td class="{$trow}{$thread_type_class}"><a href="javascript:MyBB.whoPosted({$thread['tid']});">{$thread['replies']}</a></td>
    <td class="{$trow}{$thread_type_class}">{$lastposttimeago}<br />
    <a href="{$lastpostlink}">Last Post:</a> {$lastposterlink}<br />{$lastavatar}</td>

Crop from my forum, showing the columns:

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