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Not Solved [How To?] Help with this includes and plugin
Not Solved
I will like to include "board statistics and forum legend" to the custom page
what code can i use to include it in the custom page

I have used {$boardstats} and {$forum_legend} but not working

Also i installed Board Announcements Manager (1.0) plugin, its working but i need it to appear on the new index page

I Used {$announcement} but not working as well

Not Solved
{$boardstats} & {$forum_legend} are declared (& produced in index.php)  and are therefore available index.php when it is displayed if you have added these variables to a template that is not the index template mybb will not produce any results and ignore it .... what template are you adding this to ? or if it is a pure custom php page you will need to add the required includes and functions to your script
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Not Solved
Reg: Board Announcements Manager (1.0) plugin

if you want to show the announcements only on the new custom php page =>
admin panel >> configuration >> settings >> Board Announcements Manager
--> Display Announcements Globally? --> disabled
--> Index Page (Advanced Users) --> replace index.php with your php file (eg. home.php)

if you want to show them on all forum pages then
you can set Display Announcements Globally? to All Announcements or Pinned Announcements
Not Solved
i still cant get how to include boardstats & forum_legend on my custom page, i dont want to mess up the code, if i mess it up that's a big problem

can u help me with the code to do it
here is the page i want it to show

U can also check what i really want here

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