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[For 1.8] Revolution gaming [Dark theme] 1.8.7
Awesome Theme Nice Job
حالم عوض میشه حرف تو که باشه
Shadmehr Aghili
I have a problem with registration on this template. When you do not register the payment and I click it tells me to fill in the blanks that is all ok, but when I click on the field and fills the registrant nothing happens.
Please help because the template is perfect.

(Sorry for any mistakes but I'm using a translator)

When I try to use a rapid response in the subject line when you click the button, nothing happens: /
That's not a theme issue, god knows why it does this but other people have had it on other themes and even the default.

Can't remember but i'm sure Rev gaming registration templates are all default, Can you send me your website link tho and i'll have a look.

Did you just upgrade from 1.6 by any chance?
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I'm sorry to say this but unfortunately it is the fault of the template as the default template is selected, the registration works without a problem.

So did the updates from 1.6.15 to 1.8

Have you changed any of the registration templates? from looking at yours it looks like it compared to default rev gaming templates.
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No, I changed nothing. Ive loaded to test the second time the same template under a new name and, unfortunately, but still the same. (At the bottom of the forum can change between templates)
Registering works fine for me on revolution, It could be a language issue as the last person who had this had a non English forum.
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Hmm, I recorded a video that shows my problem -
Ok try this go into Templates > Footer templates > footer and replace this


with this

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Sorry but still the same

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