Couple questions
Hello Everyone,

How do I change the color of the usernames?
For example when the admin is logged in the username is green.

If I upgrade to release 3 will I lose all of my changes to the color of my forum etc....

Hello and welcome to myBB. Smile

To change the colour of usernames, go to the usergroups part of the admin control panel and click "Modify / Delete". Choose a usergroup, select "Edit Usergroup" in the drop down menu on the right and click go. When the usergroup page loads up, look for "Username Style". It should be the third box down.

In the "Username Style" box, you can enter the appropriate html code for how you want the name to look, where {username} represents the users name. For example, the administrators usergroup has bold, green, italic names by default, so the name style is <font color="green"><b><i>{username}</i></b></font>.

As for upgrading, I think your themes will be saved, but I'm not sure about any non-default template sets. I assume this will be clearer as we get nearer to the release. Smile
How can I edit the "GO Button" template so that the word go on the buttons is red?

I've never actually edited the text colour on a button before, but I would imagine it's something to do with the css, or possibly the buttons value, although I can't be sure.

If it's any help, the go button template is simply named "gobutton" and the css template is similarly named "css".

Sorry I can't be any more help at the moment, maybe somebody else can. Smile
It's CSS, I'm not sure what CSS though, I'll look it up later. Toungue
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Just use:

     color: #ff0000;

Or create a custom class and assign it to your button.
I Just figured it all out

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