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Amy Winehouse Forum
She said it was because of a virus. She didn't appear drunk so I believe her, but who knows!?
Ahhh, well I take it she has a history of being drunk? As thats where most people's judgement of it comes. I do have the email of it actually, let me just find it, as I believe there was an apology in it.
Quote:What can I say about Saturday.

Someone said that it's going to be one of those memorable nights ay G-A-Y, but not for the right reasons.

Whether Amy Winehouse will be re-scheduling that date, I'm not sure yet, but will let you know when I know. i can only apologise that she only performed one song, but I can guarantee that she was throwing up backstage because I saw her.
He he, only one song. Bless her.
Yeh she does enjoy the odd drink here and there. Did you see her pick up her Brit Award last night? She seemed abit tipsy then. Ha! She's so funny!
The odd drink? he he, see I class myself as a person that enjoy's an "odd drink" of alcohol, but to be honest, she is a hard drinker :p

I didn't see the brit awards, don't usually watch that as it's on ITV1 and i'm sooooooo against adverts on telly - they bore me! :p
It wasn't an advert? Eh?

Yeh OK she's a hard drinker. Bur fairplay to her I say. One day I want to drink as much as her and still be able to get up the next day!

If anyone owns a music related forum and wants to affiliate please please let me know.
We're getting a little more popular, not doing GREAT but doing OK considering we've only been open for 2-3 weeks.
New skin looks nice

Maybe change the colour of the quoted text which is black ,

because it is a bit hard to read at least in mozilla
Thanks! Im a big fan of dark coloured skins.
Yeh the quoted text is a little hard to see but I kinda like it anyway. Matches everything else.
Ive updated the banner now aswell.
can i bump this? if not then i apologise.
I lurve Amy Winehouse!! I'm gona join!
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- Charles De Gaulle, former French President
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