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Amy Winehouse Forum
Thanks flick.
If you guys like our forum please can you vote for us in the IFA Forum of the Year award?? We're in 2nd place at the moment but would like to be 1st so if you have a spare few minutes please go and vote for us.
All votes are appreciated lots!!
Can I bump this.
We're getting pretty big now.
Would like to know what people think.
I really like the entrance page to the site plus the style is very nice. Smile

Nice to see your forum getting popular. Smile
Thank you.
One of the members made that page for us.
would do you guys think of the new splash page??
we're growing more and more each day. we have around 60,000 posts and over 900 members. i'm really proud of how well the forum is doing. i've never had a forum this popular before. Smile
I don't like splash pages very much xD... They annoy me cause it's one more click I have to, well, click...
"A common mistake that people make when trying to design something completely foolproof is to underestimate the ingenuity of complete fools." - Doug Adams
Very nice forum, I‘m going to join I enjoy her songs and want to get more involved with being a fan of her work and join the army of fans asking her to go to drug and alcohol rehab and for her to just say ok instead of “no no no” .
cool thanks for the comments.
did you join? which member are you?
Very nice forum but shame about it being an amy winemerchant one Wink
haha fair enough. Wink
and thanks.

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