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Amy Winehouse Forum
Intro: Message forum for discussing UK Jazz singer Amy Winehouse.
Forum Link:
Extra Comments: Was opened yesterday so very VERY quiet at the moment but am hoping that will change. Looking for someone who can design graphics/banners for the board. Email me.
Very nice forum. Nice setup and look. Easy on the eyes and navigates good. Great job!
Thanks for the comments!! Appreciated!
I like the you are a guest bit how did you do that.
What 'You Are A Guest' bit?
Yes that bit you see at the top of the forum
Do you mean the bit that says, "Hello There, Guest! (Login — Register)"?

If so then that was already there when I installed the skin. I'm not sure how you would add it to your forums but there's a definitely a way. lol

The theme looks really nice and your logo is simple and good looking. Ahhhhh Amy Whitehouse... hmmm... some of mates were not happy with her performance, well short of a performance one time in a certain club. He he. Good oldé British. :-)

Keep up the good work. Smile
Thanks for the comments. Ive changed the skin now though.

Is that the G.A.Y gig she did youre referring to when she finished after one song due to a virus?
Yeah it was the G-a-Y gig. Ahh was it a virus? I was told by loads of people it was because she was sick after drinking a tad too much. :/

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