MyBB Gomobile for 1.8
Any chance of someone updating the mobile plugin to work on 1.8? Or is there an alternative?
Thank you!
I did get gomobile for 1.6 to work on my 1.8 board, just edited the compatibility line and some templates.
It's not perfect, p.a. it doesn't work great on safari on ios, but it's something.
If you want to take a look:
Thanks fonta, would you mind sharing the file? I could use it in the meantime, as it may be a while before it gets updated. Or let me know which lines of code you edited.
Just edit the gomobile.php file found in /inc/plugins/
Change the compatibility line from 16* to 18*.
Just scroll down, you'll see it. It's in the section where the name etc. gets defined.
just simple use Tapatalk Smile
Thanks fonta! All working now.
Can we have an official 1.8 compatible version? Thanks everyone.
I did this and it works mostly. Hit a snag though, when a user registers through gomobile it always tells them they are a "spammer" and denies them registration. Not sure how to fix.

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