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Hi folks,
Hope my post finds you well.
Actually Im running MYBB forum for almost 2 years.
I would like to thank u all for the good work ur doing Lightbulb

Currently I'm facing a troubles with members whom they subscribed to threads.
The system have to send more then 10000's of email per day.

In the mail setting, if I add my Google account @ SMTP mail, Google will block my account and report as abuse because more then 10000's emails will be sent / day

If i get back to php mail, all the emails sent from site will go to junk !

Sometimes I'm facing a troubles in the server load.
The server support replied with this:
upon checking this now, I found

[[email protected] ~]# mailq | wc -l

17000+ emails that needed to be sent @ one time!!!

Anyway Please I want to Disable Subscribe to this thread option for all members for ever.
Even the old members whom they have subscribed threads, I want to remove there subscription.

Thanks in advance.

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