[Duplicate] Signature option shown in new reply page regardless of permissions.
In quick reply {$option_signature} is evaluated only if the user is allowed to use signatures.
		$option_signature = '';
		if($mybb->usergroup['canusesig'] && !$mybb->user['suspendsignature'])
			eval("\$option_signature = \"".$templates->get('showthread_quickreply_options_signature')."\";");

However the same case doesn't seem to be for new reply and probably new thread pages.

The same seems to be for {$disablesmilies}, there is some inconsistency.
The value in newreply_disablesmilies_hidden is "no" but it should probably be "0" now.
It's already on the checklist here: https://github.com/mybb/mybb/issues/1243 So marking as duplicate.

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