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I have a strange problem...
We have lost some users after updating to 1.8 . Since I have a backup and can query the User.sql via phpMyAdmin , I have tried to insert the lost user again . That's me partially succeeded.
For some users, who again belong to the right group , are also the messages and threads displayed in his profile , I click on (show all threads , for example ) , I get an error message that no threads were found. The records so it will not be assigned to the user.

We also have the problem that users displayed as " not registered" and via phpMyAmin command
= SELECT * FROM mybb_users WHERE username ='user'
although they are clearly available on our forum.

Have an idea ?

sorry for my english .. hihi


I just noticed that the error message  "MySQL returned an empty result set (ie zero records) ." appears
The record , however, is clearly present in my backup .
I do after importing the user query "SELECT * FROM mybb_users WHERE username ='user' " and the user is displayed????


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