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[For 1.8] Simple Audio Video Embeder
ok, apologies if this sounds remedial, but, when using the Insert a video button, what if I wanted to insert a video that I have located on my server, how would I post it?

say my link was:


what should be in place instead of the ??????????
There is no insert video bbc code with this plugin.

You just post the link in a post.
!Fixed embed code Your site must have SSL in order for it to work!!!
+Added support for
+Added support for Telegram
+More support for

Removed to uninstall the old version then install the new version to take full affect.
When I try to install this plugin (version 5.5 on myBB-1.8.24), it fails with the error:

MyBB has experienced an internal SQL error and cannot continue.

Any suggestions?
Just want to confirm using MySQL?
Massive Update!
+Redid the entire replacement function with a callback. Allowed more control for the new setting features added and provides a better way to count number of embeds loaded.

+Add a setting area under MyBB Settings which include:
A setting to show the original link after the embed is added.
A setting to set the maximum number of emdeds to display per page load.
A setting to disable embeds on mobile devices.
Settings to control the height/width of the embed.

+Added support for Reddit posts
+Added support for twitch clips thanks to tjbalon
+Added support for github gists thanks to tjbalon
+Updated spotify entry (now supports artist, track, playlists, and albums) tjbalon
+Added support MSNBC videos
+Added support NBC News videos
+Added support for
+Added back support for
+Added support for Gfycat
!Fixed embed code.
Note Twitch only works on SSL sites!
Hello, can you add support for Odysee?
I need to see example links
(2021-01-30, 10:04 PM)vbgamer45 Wrote: I need to see example links

Sorry, I shouldn't have assumed that people automatically knew what it was.

And some videos...!:5
Hi would you be able to make this work with the following alternative to YouTube

Since YouTube has been censoring many people on their platform so many have jumped over to bitchute to upload there videos.

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