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[For 1.8] Simple Audio Video Embeder
New update posted
+Added support for instagram
+Added support local ogg and local webm media files
!Updated mp4 local to use the video tag instead of quicktime player
+Now support the latest facebook video links 4th edition.
!Fixed regex for local/remote files for common extensions such as .wmv, .avi, .flv etc
+Added support for
!Fixed some xhtml validation issues for some of the embed code for sites/local media.
+Added support for
+Added support for
+Updated Vimeo sharing to use the iframe based code instead of object
+Updated dailymotion embed code thanks to petitchevalroux
+Added https support for
+Added support for
!Updated/fixed url sharing code
+Added support for new facebook video url code
+Youtube embed code now switched to iframe which supports html5
!Fixed bug when editing post in SMF 2.0 link would disappear using the editor.
!Removed since the site no longer works
+Added support for
+Added SoundCloud Support
!Fixed Facebook picture/video emdeding. Also supports https links now
+Added support for Vine videos
+Added support for Seenive videos
@vbgamer45 you didn't type in first post that it needs to be set which site urls will be embeeded in configuration - Simple Audio Video Embedder
No one help'd them on their questions. "If you want this plugin to work for you guys, you need to go to Configuration - Simple Audio Video Embedder and pick what you want to be embeeded.
Yeah I should mention that you need to have them all checked off inorder to work.
This user has been denied support. This user has been denied support.
(2015-09-11, 11:54 PM)ponii Wrote: imageS?

Some image sharing sites are supported such as instagram
If I align video link, it doesn't work.
Shows only unclickable URL.
It probably throws off the html tag it is looking for.
Other issue:


Some video are blocked by browser.
New update just waiting approval on mod site or get at

!Make regex searches less greedy fixes issue with embedding multiple videos for certain video types in a post thanks to shawnb61
+Added support for https for local .ogg and .webm files
!Fixed issue with local embeding of files which might take part of the filename out thanks to shawnb61
!Fixed height issue for some local embeded files thanks to shawnb61
!Fixed unclosed <blockquote> in facebook videos
+Added max,width height support for facebook videos
!Fixed bug with local mp4
!Short youtube use https or http depending on type passed.
+Added support for sendvid
+New facebook version v5 for videos. You must check that option in settings
+Updated jibjab regex
+https support for local media files
Hi thanks for your plugin.

I just have 1 issue with this  
!Short youtube use https or http depending on type passed.
The short youtube url doesn't seem to be working at all.

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