[Rejected] Can't delete post of banned (and now deleted) spammer
I'm using the default theme. I've banned a spammer from the member list. I found a post of this spammer, but there is no delete option when I try to edit the message. When I select the message for inline moderation I get:

Sorry, but you did not select any posts to perform inline moderation on, or your previous moderation session has expired (Automatically after 1 hour of inactivity). Please select some posts and try again.

Tried to solve it by deleting the spammer completely, but no luck. The spammer is gone, but his messages not.

A similar problem was reported here: http://community.mybb.com/thread-160910.html

I managed to the delete the message, using PHP admin. But there must be  a bug somewhere..?
Have you tried run file verification system? I will try to reproduce it
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If you upgraded from 1.6 to 1.8 you do need to edit templates especially headerinclude or you will get these kind of issues.
As I haven't seen any other issues about this so far I'd guess this is an invalide report. Or can someone confirm this?
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I'm sure this is/was just the regular 1.6 theme used in 1.8 issue which broke the JS.

So rejecting. If I'm mistaken, please provide more info, such as exact steps to reproduce.

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