[Rejected] Lost Password? - PHP mail not working?
Lost password function using PHP mail is not working only for me or it's 1.8 bug? Can someone reproduce it?

It shows:

Quote:Thank you, all accounts pertaining to that email address have now been sent an email with details on how to reset the passwords.

You will now be taken to the forums' index.

But mail is not sended. Tried on several users/mail providers still mail with password change link is not received.
Could someone reproduce it..?
What webhost do you use?
(2014-10-15, 07:33 AM)Darth Apple Wrote: What webhost do you use?


Quote:<?php error_reporting(E_ALL); $to = '[email protected]'; if(mail($to, 'Testing mail', 'This is a mailing test to see if PHP mail works.')) { echo 'Mail was sent by PHP'; } else { echo 'PHP could not send the mail'; } ?>

Using this script email is sent and I receive it, so with host I think is everything ok. Any ideas?
Rejecting since you created a support thread (replied there) and noone else reproduced it. Try sending recovery E-mail here, it works just fine.

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