Browse Plugins & Themes in ACP fail to communicate with MyBB
I would like to use this thread to report that i'm too getting this message since the last one or two days, i didn't change anything on my VPS, everything worked fine two days ago.

Whenever i click on the check update function and plugin update function in ACP, it gives me the error:

There was a problem communicating with the MyBB modifications version server. Please try again in a few minutes.

I already tried adding manually
allow_url_include = on

in php.ini, restarted the server and this also didn't help.

I'm attaching some screenshots, kindly check them too, perhaps they can be useful.





Enabling the curl php extension solved my problem, thanks a lot @noyle for helping me.

Hi kbilly,

I also have the problem "There was a problem communicating with the version server" with MyBB 1.8.22 since a couple of days and didn't change anything. Why does enabling a curl php extension help and why is it necessary now ? Where do I enable this ?
Would be glad if you could describe that a bit more in detail ;-) Thanks so much in advance -
Ok got it by myself meanwhile.
Just cecked for curl ->"apt-get install curl"  :  already latest version..
then installed php-curl  -> "apt-get" install php-curl":  The following additional packages will be installed:  php7.0-curl
restart apache2  -> service apache2 restart
DONE :-)

( add sudo if not root)

The thing that makes me wonder is why is that necessary ? It worked until some days/weeks ago..?  So what has changed. Since there was no update from MyBB I assume the only thing that has changed inbetween is the Ubuntu System.. so maybe an update changed components and php-curl got lost somehow ..? Does anybody know whats the reason ? 
I'm fine now...but I dont like such situations that you don't change any setting and suddenly things doesnt work any more.. Undecided

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