Browse Plugins & Themes in ACP fail to communicate with MyBB
Can anyone help please

just installed 1.8 works okay I go to the acp to install plugins and i get this,

The following errors were encountered:

   There was a problem communicating with the MyBB modifications server. Please try again in a few minutes.

I have tried the last two days with no luck at all  

I get the same on another site we have
It happens from time to time if our server is overloaded. We try and do the best we can to keep the server online.
Thank you i was getting worried thought it was me, do you know how long will it take to right Itself only I've been trying for two days now.
Sometimes we get lots of traffic ( mostly bot traffic ) and sometimes we don't. Just try throughout the day.

If you want to check for updates to plugins you have installed, I would recommend subscribing to the threads in the Plugin Releases forum. You can choose to get instant email notification or a PM when a new post occurs.
Okay thanks i will try again tomorrow and when I'm able to get some plugins I will be subscribing to that forum.
(2014-10-24, 08:57 PM)dragonexpert Wrote: It happens from time to time if our server is overloaded.  We try and do the best we can to keep the server online.

I've no doubt I'm doing something incorrectly but would you mind just trying it and posting that you can get through? I've been trying on both plugins and themes for the last five days and not once have I got anything but this error message.
I'm getting an error too right now.
I've been having this issue consistently over the past few days, so I can confirm as well.
Same for me. Moving this to Community Issues since it's connected with the new mod page (other functions like File Verification or Version Check work all the time).

Also renamed the thread - please use something more descriptive than 'plugins' next time..
Can anyone tell me if this problem with the plugins in the ACP is being looked at, It's been a week since we installed Mybb 1.8 and have come to a standstill and i don't know where to go from here. Other people must be having the same problem with installing and updating plugins in the ACP any help at this time would be appreciated.

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