[Rejected] in mybb 1.8.1 edit of language pack not work
(2014-10-30, 02:53 PM)Destroy666 Wrote: Well, I uploaded both Persian and Arabic inc/languages files and I'm able to edit them through ACP without any problem on a clean 1.8.1 install.

So more info would be nice - for example latest errors from error log or if editing other languages is fine, Leaving this report open for now, even though I still don't think it's a MyBB bug.


thanks for support

the only problem is that the choice of language settings do not work
i just replace the file languages.php from the 1.8 with 1.8.1
i did not do any other work and my problem solved
i attach two files might help you locate the problem

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.zip   languages1.8.zip (Size: 4.51 KB / Downloads: 77)
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Apparently this has been fixed? I've never used the language editor but haven't seen any other issues since this has been first reported.
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i tested with 4 language packs in 1.8.5 and I still can't see any problem, I haven't seen any other reports/support threads for this either. If anything, it's most likely caused by a problematic language pack with a syntax error, file with BOM or whatever. So rejecting. But if someone has more info, feel free to bump it.

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