[For 1.8] [Tutorial] Flat Thread Prefix :)
Thank you for share Smile i'ii try this
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thanks for sharing this.. can u say how i can make a hover effekt for the prefixes?

Like on this Forum:

Thank You, Work Perfect!
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Thank you, very good;
I have used this for the v2 launch of my website and I will not deny that it makes prefixes look 100 times better.
The signature does not exisit.
doesn't work for me, just invisible for me
Sorry for commenting such an old post but I don't know where to ask this. I tried adding this to my forum because I want the prefixes to look cool but I don't get those neat rounded corners like you do in the example image, it's just a square with a colored background. How can I fix this? Does anyone know? I've managed to make it work in the past but it's a long time since I used MyBB last, and I lost my old forum so I can't cross-check with that one Sad Very thankful for answers!
try: border-radius: 6px;
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Thanks, great bit off CSS coding, and thx @enVy for the update, much neater & professional way of coding it/doing it!

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