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Hello! I wrote urdu language using Urdu unicode. But its font style is different as not as Urdu font. You can see this here:
I need to change my font style like this:    
Please let me help how can I do this?
I am waiting for your reply
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You wont find any users using this specific urdu font (Nastaleek). So how to do this, it is a bit test and trial method. What i think can work is adding it in your server files and then using urdu nastaleek font on your site's theme's CSS.

So first of all download urdu font files from here...

It has a complete range of urdu font, select any nastaleek font. One you want is nastaleek font, and the one you have is arabic font.

Then from this moment ahead, follow this tutorial.

Even then if this does not solve your problem, send me a PM, we can try some other method.

Off Topic : Your forum needs some new theme, and some adjustment in site's design. As a Paksitani bro, I can help you make these changes for free.
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Thanx for replying me brother. I am newbie here and I need some guidelines so that I can get improve my experience. Plz give me your email or any other contact number. My email is [email protected]
Waiting for your reply

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