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Not Solved Image is not showing !!
Not Solved
Today I notice that external image are not displaying in the thread/posts properly.I mean its display sometime and sometime just display the link. Can anybody tell me why I'm in this problem ??
Note : I didn't upgrade my forum from 1.8.0 to 1.8.1

Thanks in advance..........
Not Solved
If you didn't upgrade it, do so! :-)
imo, it's not a choise to saty at 1.8.0, even if it's 'stable'. I saw the changes and bugfixes on github. I can help you upgrade if you need it, but do so. For your own and your users best. :-) 1.8.1 is tha zhiat!
OBS! For helping, see my forum information here:

Version: 1.8.3
Theme: Square theme
(Download link)
Not Solved
Thanks for your suggestion.
Currently I'm running a paid to post forum. I mean our member can earn money by posting on our forum. So, I'm little afraid to upgrade because I notice that most of user report here (in the community) about some error which they got after upgrade.

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